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Nature Quests

A three-tiered experience 



Guidance aimed at helping you tent on the land near the Lodge.
You can move into the retreat center if you feel a need to at any time.

You will participate in The Process held throughout the day in the retreat center. All

meals and activities are included. Guided Nature Hikes are part of this experience. 

To help any of you who are a bit timid in Nature to take a step, we offer our assistance, guidance, equipment, as well as personal processing. You will be able to stay at the retreat center, take guided hikes on the land and find yourself held lovingly within Nature. You will be participating in The Process held throughout the day in the retreat center including all meals and activities.

The Vision Quest is oriented for people who have experienced level 1 and 2. The Vision Quest is of Native American tradition. During the Quest you will frame your inner questions during this juncture in your life. You will spend two days and two nights in your sacred space in nature to contemplate these questions and your life path. You will find the Presence in Nature will assist you to go deeper into your soul to find these answers. You will have your own trained Vision Quest guide who will enable you to move through this process in a profound manner. 

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