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Dr. Sharon Goldblum


YOUR NATURE QUEST was founded by Dr.Sharon Goldblum to address the growing disconnect between society and our origins in Nature. Sharon found that most individuals in our harried society have become disconnected from themselves and Nature. Nature is often seen as an object to conquer rather than our very sustenance and home. There are few places where people are helped to connect with nature in quiet and harmony. As a psychotherapist, she discovered that when in nature, her clients experienced decreased feelings of emptiness, depression and anxiety. Her clients instead discovered inner peace, clarity and even spirituality.

YOUR NATURE QUEST is a transformative weekend retreat held in nature to address this disconnect. Sharon combines various spiritual paths and techniques in her retreats. People can have profound experiences during a weekend that lead to a feeling of interconnectedness with themselves, others, and nature. Most leave with a commitment to bring this experience into their life and that of their families. Retreats are conducted alone, in a group, or with a client’s family.


Dr. Sharon Goldblum, LCSW, PhD, maintains a private practice in life-coaching and psychotherapy on Long Island and New York City. She is an Ecopsychologist, a therapist who for over 25 years has combined nature and psychotherapy. In Sharon’s path of life, she has spent time as a Licensed Outdoor Guide combining her experience as a Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician leading groups into the wilderness for Vision Quests. She has completed her own Vision Quest and is currently being mentored by Robert Wagner in Oregon, an accomplished leader of Vision Quest.  Most recently, she has spent extended time in India following spiritual pursuits.  She is a mother of two grown children, and is an avid animal lover!

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